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Electronic files in the Legal Department - efficient Contract an Legal Processing


Litigation cases

  • Managemen of legal cases / litigations
  • File with a predefined folder structure for storing all documents and emails accompanying the process.
  • Capture key case information.

Legal Matter

Management of counselling cases with the possibility to link this with a (subsequent) legal act. 


Company records / investment management

Administration of basic company files with documentation, contracts, meetings (e.g. board meeting, supervisory board meeting etc.) up to the complete representation of a participation management 


Damage file

Management of the various damage cases in a company, such as liability, transport, etc., with
comprehensive evaluation options



  • Accelerate the legal department's transparency and ability to provide information
  • Increase transparency and accelerate the legal department's ability to provide information
  • Electronic files - process-oriented filing of documents, emails and contracts
  • Automatic reminders for deadlines and dates
  • Full-text research and text change comparisons
  • Faster case processing and contract reviews
  • Faster, comprehensible adjustment of contract conditions to changed legal and economic framework conditions
  • Facilitate management of coordination and providing contract templates
  • Continually improve process efficiency and quality of advice
  • Secure, role-based and location-independent access
  • Early involvement of the legal department in a functional, regional or international organization
  • Supporting mobile users 

The services include

  • Management workshop for goal setting and project planning
  • Analysis and process optimization of file management
  • Conception of the electronic file management solution
  • Project management and project management office
  • Realization and implementation management (for selected standard solutions)
  • Training and roll-out support
  • Advice on form and template management 



OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions im Einkauf

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complon Business Solution for Procurement and Legal



SAP Extended ECM by OpenText für IT, Einkauf, Rechtsabteilung, Drittmittelabteilung



Elektronische Kreditakte im Firmenkundenkreditgeschäft (vormals KBC Bank)





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complon Vertragsmanagement Lösung für den Einkauf wird mit dem Gütesiegel des BME ausgezeichnet.




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