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Transparency in the credit business -

Electronic credit files in corporate lending business


The file solution enables users to manage files and processes and associated documents efficiently and in a uniform filing structure. The aim is to replace the paper credit file with an electronic file based on an enterprise content management system.

The electronic credit file contains almost the complete documentation of the credit process in all product areas, from the analysis, to the credit decision, to the creation of the credit contract and the subsequent credit administration.

The main functionalities of the solution are:

  • Central electronic file system and storage location
  • Metadata - attributes for categorization including contracting parties
  • Metadata - transfer of master data 
  • Comprehensive search
  • Workflow management
  • Document management
  • Collaboration
  • Permissions
  • Management reporting
  • Enterprise solution (standard software)
  • Interfaces to other systems
  • Linking contracts
  • personalization
  • Archiving
  • Records management
  • Inventory migration / scan concept

The benefits of the credit file:

  • Business continuity ensured in the event of a disaster (BCM)
  • Efficient documentation and business optimization 
  • Access from anywhere
  • consistent file management
  • easier representation
  • Keeping a "shadow file" can be omitted
  • Reconciliation accelerated (version control)
  • targeted search (full text)
  • Documents can be viewed in the customer appointment 
Credit Analysis
  • consistent file management
  • higher completeness
  • Reconciliation accelerated (version control) 
Credit Procressing
  • consistent file management
  • Agreement coordination with the market accelerated (version management)
  • fewer queries from the market necessary
  • less space required
  • less effort for long-term archiving 
Bild Compliance Manager
  • Back-up ensured in the event of a disaster (BCM)
  • higher transparency
  • targeted search
  • Compliance with the retention rules
  • Revision audits and compliance ensured easier



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